The Magic of Diana Navarro

It’s Easter and, of course, time for the saeta. I’m not a huge fan of overt religiosity so, at the best of times, even when this is expressed through flamenco, I tend to take a small step back. However, whilst browsing through a list of saetas, there is no doubt that this one, sung by Diana Navarro, made me sit up straight. This is a voice well worth listening to. Diana Navarro emerged on the flamenco scene relatively recently, but has already made a huge impact on her listeners. This malagueña is still quite young, so we have much to look forward to in terms of the cante that she has to offer. In keeping with the strong religiosity of so many Andalusians, Diana Navarro honed her talent through the saeta, but her singing range is wide and strong.

In case you, like me, are a tad resistant to the saeta, then do check out this lovely song sung without accompaniment. Like the saeta, it is a song of passion, but one that is more corporeal in its desire — and so perhaps easier to relate to. There is something quite magical here about the heady passion of the lyrics combined with the silver tones of her crystalline voice.

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