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Now that the Christmas festivities are over, I have few excuses to not face up to the realities of working on this book project. In order to formulate a strategy for writing, I need to think of whom I am writing for. I have in mind my co-flamencophiles, perhaps, and, unlike with other books, not so much my academic  colleagues.

I am both tempted and hesitant. The prospect of writing a book, at the best of times, is daunting. This is even more so when that book is on flamenco. I am tempted and hesitant in one go, because for decades now, flamenco has been a space of safety in my life from all surrounding demands and chaos. I would not wish to let that go. Equally, it would be nothing short of a privilege to indulge myself in flamenco and call that work. Moreover, writing is never just work: it is always a difficult, tangled, exciting journey into new territories. This is an odd and somewhat contradictory moment. On the one hand, there is the thrill of embarking on something new, especially when that involves going ever deeper (and spending more time on) one of the most enduring passions of my life. However, there is also the stark reality of having to come up with a coherent and well structured plan of work. Passion is a dangerous sentiment, because it somehow defies and even dismisses logical thought. The writer does not dance on stage; s/he inhabits the margins, from where s/he observes and experiences. To write about flamenco is not to live it. It is to think about it, to analyse it, to try and represent what it means in words, when perhaps its meanings are always open to interpretation. It is a great privilege to be a writer; it is also a huge responsibility. Could I ever bring to language the cadence of an alegría, the urgency of a bulería, the intensity of a soleá?

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2 Responses to “The Book”

  1. Ica says:

    I’m so thrilled to be stumbling upon your site when I, myself, have just started on this flamenco-inspired blog for the exact same purpose (though mine will be in the form of a film).

    I’m with you on this and I shall keep you in mind when I find some new facts about flamenco that may be of great interest for your upcoming book. I’ll probably be one of the first few to buy it when your work comes into fruition!

    Cheers! And keep the fire burning!

  2. parvati says:

    Many thanks! I look forward to knowing more about your film and visiting your site. Thanks for getting in touch!