The Amazing Talent of Ana Mochón

Ana Mochón was born into a flamenco family in Granada and says she grew up falling asleep on her mother’s lap in the famous Peña de la Platería in the Albaicín that her parents attend. The fact that she has been raised on flamenco does not account, however, for her amazing talent. For a while now, she has been well known in and around her native Granada. Last year, she stood out in the Festival del Cante de las Minas, infallible yardstick of talent that this festival always is, for her control over a range of palos. And this year, although she did not quite make it to receiving the coveted Lámpara de las minas, nevertheless, she has probably attracted even more attention than the winner Miguel Ortega. What is most striking about Ana is her composure. She is focused and steady in her singing, totally given over to cante.There is little doubt that next year she stands a very good chance of winning the Lámpara. It is, after all, no mean feat to reach the semi finals of this competition, known to be judged by the most discerning purists among flamencos and flamencologists — especially if you are, as she is, only fifteen years old!

Ana did not get the Lámpara this year, but she did win three other prizes. In a sense, winning the big prize would only have been a technicality in the incredibly rich and promising trajectory of such a strong, young singer. Hard to believe that she is, as yet, only a schoolgirl!

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