Flamenco: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Firstly, I should apologize for going silent for over a month. Some of my readers have made enquiries and the truth is that this has been an extraordinarily busy time for flamenco, but also for me. A lot has happened since early October. Firstly, Sevilla held a scintillating Bienal with lots of parallel activities. I got to see Eva Yerbabuena’s new show and it was truly striking. Very innovative but still recognizably traditional. The audience was ecstatic.

During the Bienal, I was at a conference organized by the Centro de Estudios Andaluces and one of the more interesting papers was by a flamenco artist Pilar Albarracín, a flamenco artist — and by that I mean an artist who uses flamenco as a sign system to challenge flamenco traditions and stereotypes. You can see more about this conference, where I gave the opening paper, here.

Finally, what we flamenco lovers have known for long was proven right: earlier this month, UNESCO granted flamenco the status of intangible cultural heritage of humanity as a  result of votes coming in from around the world. This was the second attempt to gain such recognition for flamenco. Last time, flamenco did not quite make it to the list, but this time, support from Murcia, as well as Andalucía, meant that flamenco was put forward for the vote. Perhaps Here is the promotional video they have made. I really like the way in which they highlight how there is a palo for every mood and every occasion in life:

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