Flamenco, Flamenco: A new film by Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura, one of Spain’s most prolific filmmakers, recently released his latest film, Flamenco, Flamenco. Three decades ago, Saura brought out the first of his flamenco trilogies, Blood Wedding, with Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos playing the parts of the groom and bride in Lorca’s tragedy. Gades went on to perform his inimitable, razor-sharp dance in Carmen (1983) and in El amor brujo (1996). Saura made both Antonio Gades and flamenco inspirationally global in the process.

Then in 1995, he brought out Flamenco, a rich tribute to the major flamenco figures of our time. Saura’s love for dance and for music — he has also made films on the Argentine tango and the Portuguese fado — combine with his keen political and intellectual perspective and with his wonderful visual sense. One of Saura’s strengths is his ability to offer panoramic shots, much like a canvas or painting. This is not surprising, perhaps, given that his brother Antonio Saura was a major painter from Spain. Flamenco offers a very inspiring and also very painterly vision of the best and the richest in flamenco. Now, I imagine Flamenco, Flamenco will do the same, but in a more updated version, with a focus on the stars who have risen over the past decade or two: Estrella Morente, for one.

Do watch out for this film. It should do the rounds of international venues and come out on DVD soon-ish. I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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