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It has been a while since I last updated this blog, but the silence has in fact been flamenco-rich. Apart from several research trips to Spain, replete with flamenco encounters, some just enthralling, about which I shall blog later, I also had the honour this summer of being invited by my friend Alicia to appear on her weekly radio programme, Flamenco Fix. This is a weekly internet radio programme that is hosted by Reel Rebels Radio, broadcast from London every Sunday between 12pm and 2pm local time. Several past programmes can also be accessed via Flamenco Fix‘s webpage by scrolling down.You can find the programme with me here.

The show advertises itself as the UK’s sole flamenco programme. This is undoubtedly so; however, I do wonder whether Flamenco Fix might not actually be THE sole flamenco radio programme in English… I certainly have never come across any other radio show in English devoted solely and entirely to flamenco. Programmes offer a mix of Alicia’s pick of music with those of invited guests. There’s no doubt that having shows accessible online is a wonderful gift to flamencophiles worldwide, as it allows us to listen as and when we can, wherever we are, rather than only at the times when the show is aired.

Doing the show with Alicia was hugely enjoyable. It gave me, of course, the perfect excuse to spend the entire weekend before trawling through my life-long flamenco collection in search of my ‘desert island discs’! There is something quite mesmerizing about two eighteen hour days spent just listening to deep song… Any nerves I felt about doing the show quickly dissipated as soon as I was in the studio under Alicia’s expert guidance. Her relaxed manner and the warm welcome that she gives people in person and on air are part of what makes her voice and the show so attractive. I also learnt a lot from her and the many flamenco stories we touched upon.  To listen to the archive of shows of Flamenco Fix is also to educate oneself in the many permutations, styles and historical moments of flamenco through the decades. Alicia and Flamenco Fix definitely have their finger on the pulse of flamenco, in terms of past, present and future.

I am working on another programme for Flamenco Fix right now. This one is going to be on Spanish poetry set to flamenco… Watch this space in the weeks to come!

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