Flamenco at its finest


Sara Baras danced at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. Together with her company and the guest dancer José Serrano, she managed to fill the vast, circular space of this concert hall. Not long after the show had started and the music had begun to swell, I began to feel that the dome-like ceiling above had turned into the star-filled sky of Baras’s native Andalusia. From the choreographies, to the music, the lighting and above all, the quality of the dancing, the performance was impeccable. Most reassuring of all, though, for those of us who may still have the touch of the flamenco purist in us, was the fact that each piece was narrative-based, locatable within the repertoire of flamenco palos, whilst also imaginative and totally creative.

José Serrano is  a fine match for Sara Baras when it comes to style and finesse. It has seemed to me for a while that, with the passing of Antonio Gades, flamenco has somewhat of a dearth of truly memorable male dancers these days. Serrano may well be filling this gap. This is one male dancer to watch out for.

As for Baras… well, it has been said of her that ‘she dances like the clouds, like a storm, like the sunrise, like the sunset.’ Normally, I’d say that was rhetoric. In the case of Baras, however, it seems to me a typical instance of the way in which words can at times fall short of the dance.

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