Festival de Jeréz 2010


Thank God for digital proximity! If it weren’t for the insights that the electronic age afford us, we would be limited to the flamenco that is locally on offer. The click or two of a mouse has taken me recently over and again to the 14th Festival de Jeréz where some of today’s best performers displayed their art from the 26th of February to the 14th of March. A veritable feast for us flamencoholics!

Of course, there are limits to what we can see or hear online, but it is still enough to let the imagination/memory wander, especially if you have seen some of the performers before. Amongst my top favourites are the siblings Adela and Rafael Campallo in the latter’s show ‘Puente de Triana.’ Rafael handles the most complicated footwork with ease and humour, playing all the while the audience’s sense of astonishment. This is no dark or brooding male dancer. On the contrary, Rafael brings a very positive energy to the stage and his dancing is alive, almost electric. It reminded me of the time I saw him dance one night in Granada —  he had been exchanging jokes then with the cajón player, all the while holding the audience breathless with his zapateado… His feet flew so fast they were almost invisible, but the smile was broad on his face.

You can access the festival site here.

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