Córdoba’s Long White Night of Flamenco

It’s hotting up in Spain and time once again for flamenco under the stars… As I sit watching the rain here in London, I’m wishing I were in Córdoba tonight, where no less than 300 artists will perform flamenco in the historic centre of the city for over 8 hours from 10.30pm  to 6am tomorrow. Flamenco en la Noche Blanca… A long, white night of flamenco. And how many people are there in the audience tonight? No less than 250,000. A quarter of a million flamenco aficionados have gathered in Córdoba tonight for a spectacular night of open air flamenco. A very wide range of performances are on offer, from the more established to the zany, the ethnic, the Moorish and the avant-garde. Eva Yerbabuena opens the night, followed by a concert by NIña Pastori and India Martínez and much, much more… all night long. All the way upto 6am, by when it will be time for chocolate y churros… A highlight without doubt will be at 2am, when Los Evanglistas, members of Lagartija Nick and Los Planetas pay tribute to the memory of Enrique Morente, the great maestro, at once traditional and experimental, of flamenco.

All of which is a reminder that flamenco is not really quite the same outside of Andalusia. Where else could you just run into a really good flamenco show out in the open? Or stay up all night and feel the sense of community that flamenco creates? Or enjoy the spontaneity of performance in the midst of walking down the street? Or live flamenco through the scents and the stars of the Andalusian night?



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