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  1. valeska lozada says:

    Hello! Im a venezuelan Flamenco dancer, on Nov 2014 i won a Scolarship to dance in Madrid and i havent been able to go because of the difficult economic situación that we are living in Venezuela, they sell me everything in US$ and I as all Venezuelans I don’t have US$ and cant buy them!! I started a campaign on indiegogo ( )to fund money please if you could donate something I would be VERY gratefull it doesn’t matter with how much you can contribute! Or you can help me sharing it!! PLEASE SEE MY VIDEO ON YOUTUBE

  2. parvati says:

    Hi Valeska, as you can see, I’ve done a post about you. Good luck with getting to Amor de Dios. It’s an amazing place. And you’re a wonderful dancer!

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