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Christmas Day 2015 and the world has lost a major exponent of flamenco… Manuel de los Santos Pastor, better known as Agujetas, son of Agujetas El Viejo and father of a clan of cantaores, has passed away. His song, like him, was taciturn and hard. When he shut his eyes and clasped his hand into a fist, one knew that the sound that would come out would be raw and unforgiving, painful even to listen to and hauntingly penetrating. Agujetas takes with him one of the finest, most honest and last examples of flamenco as oral memory. Best known for his siguiriyas, he was at once an extremely dramatic and understated singer. No one knows for sure when exactly he was born and Agujetas exemplified in his way of life the marginality that has accompanied gypsies through centuries. Despite fame and recording contracts that put him more in the international spotlight than many others of his generation, Agujetas eschewed attention. Yet, his name will remain synonymous with cante jondo at its deepest, its darkest and, for many, its most honest and most electric.

The French filmmaker Dominique Abel made a fine documentary of his life, as you can see in the video above.

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