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Ambiente Flamenco

Flamencorhythms was delighted to be recently mentioned by La Ámbar in her website Ambiente Flamenco, a great resource for all flamenc@s in the UK. Listed here are shows, events, classes and videos for the flamenco lover, as well as all kinds of other news, images and information. La Ámbar is a dancer herself, who has trained in Spain and who, apart from maintaining this website, also makes flamenco dresses. This website offers both new and practised flamenco@s what they might need to know in order to pursue the arte in the UK. It has really made me ruminate on the dire need for a website just like this for every city or region in the world, so that flamenc@s old and new across the globe can find out what they need to know: where to order a dress, buy shoes, find local classes. Best of all is the page that offers resources, tips and tutorials, including a valuable glossary of jaleos. I remember that when I first moved to Barcelona from London, I really wished there were one site that listed it all. I recall moving from one website to another and getting lost in the array of information that was scattered on the web. Here, in Ambiente Flamenco, the information is organised and collated, making it one easy stop for any flamenco lover.

¡Arsa, Ámbar, and thank you!


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