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Flamenco Taxi!

I’ve always maintained that the one of the great advantages of living in Spain has to be that flamenco comes to you, you don’t have to go looking for it. This happened to me the other day. Having gotten into a taxi to go from Alcalá to Zurbano in Madrid, I found myself lifted high by the unmistakeable voice of José Mercé. The taxista and I firmly agreed that Mercé is one of the best singers alive — a sad sort of thought, really, if you think of the massive losses that flamenco has suffered lately… We then wound our way through thick traffic trying to name our favourites. We agreed that one outstanding singer, getting stronger and stronger by the day, but always keeping the gentle nuances that make his voice so special, is Miguel Poveda. We both continue to mourn the loss of Morente, surely one of the greatest flamencos ever. And we differed on the deep song. I told him that it was not a question of liking a siguiriya sung by one of the Agujetas, but more one of being entranced by it. And he said he needed a few drinks to take a siguiriya in. The taxi driver did not know much about Arcángel, another favourite of mine, but then I had not heard Argentina, the singer of fandangos from Huelva, who, he said, was a slim young woman with a surprisingly strong voice. We agreed that it was a pity that the market for flamenco is so tough that only very few of the true gems emerge from the circuits of Andalusia and go global.

Ever since, I’ve been listening to nothing but Argentina…


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